Guest rooms and suites
Excursions and activities
Hotel fact sheet

The camp is connected by telephone,VHF and HF radio
and hi speed wireless internet.

Bureau de Change: 
The Reception will accept or change foreign currency.

Credit Cards:
All leading cards are accepted.


Electricity (240 volts) at Larsens Camp is through Diesel generators that are run at short durations and switched off for some hours. Being a member of the Small Luxury Hotels, our verge to being environmentally friendly and considering the times that our guests are back at Camp, we therefore have power on at the following times:

  • 0530- 0930hrs
  • 1230- 1500hrs
  • 1800- 2300hrs
  • .

    There is a Dispensary located at the nearby Samburu Game Lodge with a Clinical Officer on permanent stand-by.

    Safety Deposit:
    Valuables can be deposited at Reception or in personal safes in the suites.

    The complex is patrolled on a 24 hour basis and is entirely protected by an electric fence.